About us

  Capturing Images of Enduring Value

Sentinel Video is dedicated to capturing the
color and drama of modern life with video images
that inform and inspire. Whether it's a documentary,
a conference event, a training series, a new product
announcement or an on-the-scene interview, our
goal is to provide high quality video productions
that communicate effectively in every venue.

We began operations in 2009 with a series of travel
videos and short features primarily for the enjoyment
of family and friends. Since then we've branched out
into a variety of long-form projects: documentaries
organizational films, multi-camera interviews, and
media events.
    The firm's principal, Jim Nelson Black, has been
active in mass media, book and magazine publishing,
photo journalism, and corporate communications
for more than thirty years, with a special interest in
concept development, graphic design, photography,
and high-definition videography. He directs the
acquisition and development activities and actively
scouts documentary and organizational film projects
with strong human interest potential.
For more detailed information or for specific quotes
based on your project plans, please contact us at the
address below, or contact us by e-mail.



     P.O. Box 14569
     Arlington, TX 76094-1569
     Email:  info @ sentinel-video.com